October 5, 2023

Meeting Agenda

Litchfield Budget Committee Meeting Agenda_10.05.23.pdf

Documents to Review - Town

2024 Selectmen's Proposed Budget

2024 Budget

Memo - Proposed Selectmen's Budget Summary

2024 Budget Summary to the Board of Selectmen (2) (2).pdf

Memo - Selectmen's Budget Updates

Updates to the 2024 Budget Summary - Board of Selectmen (2) (3).pdf

Memo - Selectmen's Budget Additional Updates

Proposed 2024 Budget - Budget Committee Memo .pdf

2023-2024 Litchfield Fire Protection Charges

2023- 2024 Litchfield Fire Protection Charges

2022 Manchester Fire Hydrants

Manchester Fire Hydrants 2022.pdf

Answers to Sept 28 Questions

September 30, 2024 Budget memo (2).pdf

Town Budget Report

Budget Report Sept.pdf

Budgeted Revenues


Special Fund Balances


March 2024 Town Meeting Important Dates


Documents to Review - School District

School District Business Administrator's Report October 4, 2023