Fiscal Year 2024 Budget &

Warrant Articles

 - Note these are working budgets and not approved until Town Meeting 2024 -

The 2023 Budget Committee works from March 2023-February 2024 to prepare the next fiscal year budgets for the Town and School District.  

The Town fiscal year 2024 runs from January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

The School District fiscal year 2025 runs from July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025

Town Deliberative Presentation and Video Recording - Feb. 3, 2024

Town Working Budget Files

Town budget process - The town administrator and department leaders present their requested budgets to the board of selectmen.  The selectmen review and make adjustments as a board.  Any changes require a motion, a second, and a board vote.  The budget changes with every motion that passes.  Once the board of selectmen has made its changes it votes to recommend the budget for review by the budget committee.  This is presented to the budget committee as the board of selectmen budget. 

The budget committee will then review and amend the budget with board-approved motions.  While the committee may vote to add or remove dollar amounts from specific line items, once a budget amount is approved by voters, the Board of Selectmen may use funds from any line item to cover expenses, up to the total budgeted amount.  This is commonly referred to as "a bottom-line budget."  (Note - Both the town and school district follow best budgeting practices and have policies around when funds are moved between budget lines.)  When the budget committee is finished with its budget review and changes, the budget is now the budget committee's budget.  The committee will present this at the Budget Hearing.

2024 Litchfield Town Budget Working File

2024 Budget

2024 Litchfield Town Default Budget Working File

2024 Default Budget

2024 Town Budget Review Schedule

2024 Town Budget Review Schedule.pdf

Town Budget Supporting Documents

2024 Town Warrant Articles - Click Here

Budget Hearing Presentation - January 11, 2024

Budget Hearing_2024.pptx

2024 Town Meeting Important Dates

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